Visions Mall - Screenplay - Draft 1.5

NAGEL WOMAN(29), stunning, sashays by, swinging a Capital Visions Mall Department Store shopping bag. Glamorous and magnetic, she turns heads. This is her kingdom. As she struts, we get a taste of the modern mall -- various shoppers -- a lot of advertising -- screens -- animated neon signs -- stores i.e. Orange Julius, H&M, Bath and Body. Inside each store there are ROBOTS, similar to ‘50s sci-fi, but with modern finish of a sleek Apple product. These RETAIL ROBOTS were built to work at the mall.


David Arquette and the Meaning of Life (2014)

This is a story about meeting David Arquette in Richmond, Virginia. It’s not a complex one. It has nothing to do with his drinking problem. It’s about the adventure that a couple friends and I had meeting actor, David Arquette.


Dream Webpage

The image didn't stay in his mind, but in his eyes.


Moon Roof City Script - Incomplete

We are in the back seat of a car looking at a dark silhouette of the driver. Radio is stirring in the background. The back right car door is opened, turning on the inside light. Somebody gets in behind us. The door shuts. We only see them through the rear view mirror. He hands the driver some cash...



Johnny Hugel and the Comedy Situation (2013)

Roughly 5 years ago, local booker and producer Johnny Hugel began setting up comedy shows in venues such as Strange Matter, Gallery 5, and Steady Sounds. Though he has a job working as a producer for a Richmond-based software design company called Mobelux, Hugel is neck-deep and heavily invested in the city’s comedy community. During his spare time, he runs Hit Play, a creative production company that produces videos, web-series (e.g. Strange Bedfellows), and live comedy shows such as the semi-monthly favorite, The Midnight Suggestion, which he co-produces.


Nickelus F, “GOTDAMNMURDAH” - Interview with Director Nils Westergard (2013)

Richmond native and hip hop heavyweight, Nickelus F just released the visually striking music video for his song entitled “GotDamnMurdah!” On this track, Nick F coasts on blunt smoke, women, and undoubtedly “eating pussy with my fronts in.” Contrary to what the title suggests, the song is in fact very laid-back. The video, directed by Nils Westergard, features plenty of hot chicks in black underwear (always a good thing), some familiar party scenes, and visuals that’ll stick in your head like gold glitter (the herpes of craft supplies).


Show Review: Toro Y Moi (2013)

Toro Y Moi greeted the audience with a comical “Hey guys!” and without hesitation, launched into “Rose Quartz” from his latest album, Anything in Return. With that opening, the dance party started, and never stopped. 


DOMA and Prop 8 Wrap Up: History, Cases, and Predictions (2013)

This week, the United States Supreme Court opened up its floor to an in-depth discussion on the issue of same-sex marriage beginning with Proposition 8 on Tuesday followed by DOMA on Wednesday. This was the Supreme Court’s first major examination of gay rights in almost a decade.


VAVP Receives Federal Grant to Address LGBTQ Violence, And They Need Your Help (2013)

A local LGBTQ group has received a federal grant to investigate violence affecting sexual minorities in the Richmond Area. The federal grant was given to the Virginia Anti-Violence Program by the Office of Violence Against Women. Southerners on New Ground (SONG),  has partnered with The Virginia Anti-Violence Program (VAVP) to identify and engage LGBTQ youth (age 14-20) in conversations about violence and healthy relationships in the hope of understanding and fighting the problem.