Artistic Rendering of a Nightmare

We knew it was the apocalypse. We were stuck in wild traffic. The city was wild and crowded like a team just won the World Cup. It was every man for themselves out there. I didn't know where my friends were. It moved like a video game. Glitchy. Someone would point out check point objects and safe locations to me. The host of Slashfilmcast, David Chen, became my voice guidance. He was reassuring. There was a spot behind a parking deck that was safe. I could see it from the top floor of the building window. I was directed to a telephone that was a permanent fixture in that area.  I was in a loop. I took many attempts to make it there. I started to see my friends around and I tried to tell them about it but they were all so fast moving and didn't listening. I ran to catch my girlfriend. Many misses. She was sweet. One time, I wrangled my friends by timing all of my movements right. My girlfriend threw up on me for no reason. We went to the phone which teleported us to a house that looked like a combination of Golden-Eye 64, The Sims and Minecraft. It was nice. Outside was a green field and a pond. Across was a castle that kept exploding with pixels almost every 15 seconds. I grew suspicious. I wanted  to go the castle. There was danger. Maybe a war. I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I finally made a run for it after contemplation.

I was now in a dungeon-like basement. I became aware of this surreal world. I was in a corner facing out. These weird block character models were approaching. They looked like Golden-Eye 64 characters. I accused them of something. They were supposedly my friends. When they got closer, I saw that they were all fake people.

I took an internship to make ads and stills for a TV show like American Horror Story. It was cool and strange. For some reason people kept taking shrooms. Turned out to be all set up and was actually an interactive movie. It was some shitty Spy Kids flying around type movie. The actors could shoot at the audience if they wanted to or get them to help. We were all wearing a big clunky chest pieces that half of the kids took off. They got fucked up. People would get selected and sometimes just disappeared. When I was chosen they said "give us your best tagline!". I jumped across a couple of rows, landed in the middle of a group and said "Subway, eat fresh!". The actors looked at me funny and then tossed me a basketball. They said "wait a minute you work for us. Here are your options: Join us, work in the HQ, be in the field, or die."

I chose the field. I was transported to the side of the theater which was all beachy and tropical. I met Tokimonsta who worked there. I told her that she was beautiful and I love her music. She said "my ex also loved my music. He was black." I was baffled. I found out more about this game. Tokimonsta had been working for 2 weeks and was about to be finished. I realized that it was all staged from the begining. Someone hands me a note that just reads "GRIENDS". For some reason I knew that G.R.I.E.N.D.S stood for musical notes. I went over to the organ and started playing the "GRIENDS" song. Ken Jeong walked by me and thanked me. I was playing his entrance theme. He was on stage performing "GRIENDS". Eventually it was all ending and I was surrounded by production assistants. My friends were standing around too. I had also taken shrooms.

8-bit Dream. Opens with girl sleeping in bed. Someone is under her covers. The Narrator has deep voice and looks like Mr. Bean. It was the late 1800s- top hats and horses. A guy who moved into a cursed house.

"The image didn't stay in his mind but in his eyes"

He causes the town to get destroyed. Ends with a tree rolling and destroying the town.