Episode 6 - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

My name is Alice and this is the end of my story. Julian and Jakrit reach their first end of a film franchise. Is this the worst Resident Evil movie? Is this the worst movie ever? This episode is juicy and filled with statistics, something that the long time listeners have been asking for. They did it. We did it. 6 movies in the can.

Open the Gates video

Episode 5 - Resident Evil: Retribution

My Name is Alice. Tune in to hear a very serious discussion about the 5th Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Retribution. In this special episode, the Resident Friends bring in their first guest friend, Caroline Lewis! Plus Jakrit sounds like he's calling in from a telephone, so cheers to amateur sound engineering. Can they be retributed in this action driven, plot missing, deaf daughter having, near franchise ending Resident Evil movie? Find out!

Episode 4 - Resident Evil: Afterlife

My name is Alice. A grand return to form with Paul Wes Anderson back at the wheel for Resident Evil: Afterlife. The Resident Friends breathe a giant heap of fresh air, but things still aren't quite right in this film series. Listen up!

Episode 1 - Resident Evil

Julian and Jakrit kickoff their unfortunate mission to watch the whole Resident Evil film series.